Saturday, April 14, 2007


My first encounter was with my aunty -an uncles wife- when I was 19 yrs old. My Aunty Sindhu was a very lovable lady. Loved by everyone in the family. She interacted with everyone with a smile. She respected all the elders in the family. Unlike the negative attitude towards daughter in laws, every one loved her. My uncle was very confident to leave her in our house and go abroad, because he was sure that her matters would be taken care of by the family.Her marriage was at the age of 25. Soon after marriage uncle went abroad. Aunty lived in our house for the next three years and when they built a new house they moved into it. And the man who was selected to give her company was I, the youngest in our family. I was studying in college. Sex was a subject in our everyday talks. One of my friends always told me that he had sex with a servant, and he narrated about it in detail every day. I was even not able to see a sex magazine and imagined about female body through his narrations. His narrations were so hot, which was enough for me to masturbate daily. One Saturday aunty went to her ancestral house, which was four kilometers away, with her child. I was alone in the house. I secretly had a desire in my mind to see and smell under wears of aunty who was very beautiful. As soon as aunty left in the bus I ran to her room and searched her cupboard. During the search, I found a videocassette behind the pile of cloths. The label in the cassette was, 'Daivathe Orth' a Malayalam film of eighties. Her undies were near it. I took some and smelled. Ha, what a smell! The smell of a perfume she usually used which was send by uncle. My dick got an erection. For the first time, I imagined about my aunty in a bad way. I undressed her in my imagination and felt a strange feeling in the belly. I came back to the main room with the cassette and put it in the VCR. The cassette began to roll. When I expected to come a Malayalam title in the TV, there came an English title, 'Clitoral fantasy'. Soon two blond women appeared in the TV. They began laughing and talking straight away. Suddenly the elder among them began to caress the youngest that was appeared about 18. Another shiver gone through my belly and spine, yes it is a blue film! For the first time in my life I was seeing a blue film. I was thrilled and in the mean time worried. What will happen if someone sees it? I suddenly shut the windows and the front door. The first thing the elder woman was doing after undressing the girl was shaving her pussy hair. Then they made love act and at the end a man with a long shaft came in and fucked both of them. You can understand the feeling of a nineteen year old seeing a blue film. I masturbated in the front room watching the sex in the film. After seeing I ran to the bathroom and masturbated again. I put the cassette back into the cupboard and went to my house for lunch. In the evening, aunty came back from her ancestral house without her child. She said her parents requested her to leave the child in their house for some days. We went to aunt's house after dinner in our house. during our walk aunty asked, "Saji what did you do after I went ?" I said, "I went to my house" "Ok"As soon as we reached her house she went for bath. I sat in my room thinking that 'aunty would be bathing nude'.Then she suddenly called me and said "Saji please bring me a towel, I forgot to take it'I went there with a towel and called her. The door of the bathroom opened some millimeters and a white palm drenched in water came out and I gave her the towel. After her bath I went to bath. When I was combing after bath I heard aunty calling me. I put on a T-Shirt and went to her room. Seeing me aunty asked straightway,"Did you search my cupboard?" Her sound was furious. "No""Don't tell me lies, I am sure you done it" Suddenly she said, "I kept this cassette in the second row. Now it is in the bottom row"" You should have kept it there" I said. " No, I kept it there before I went to house"" Sorry aunty" I said, " I searched it for any old clothes there to give a beggar"" Then why should you lie?"I didn't tell anything. "Ok, you can go" I went to my room. After one hour I heard her calling me. I went to her room. She was in nightdress."Did you watch the cassette?"My body began trembling. I didn't say anything. She came close and looked straight to my eyes. I was afraid to look at her."Why didn't you tell anything?" No answer"Do you know what will happen if I tell this to your parents?" "Do you know what will they think when they know that you are keeping such films in the cup board?" I asked her. She took some time to answer, "That is not kept by me, it is your uncle who is keeping such films""Did you watch the film fully?""Yes""How was it?" No answer"What you did after watching it?"" I went home for lunch"" You went to home or to bathroom?"" Bathroom"" What you did there?"Hearing this I got an impression that she was eager to prolong this talk and she liked it " I relived my self" was my answer" Ha ha ha" she laughed for a long time" Show me how did you do it"" Aunty, I.... am..."Aunty was in a strange mood. She asked, "Do you want to watch it again to do it?I didn't thought, what is the need of the film when I am here?" Can you do for me what the old lady did to that girl?"I began shivering. "Aunty..." Then I heard a husky voice " Saji, come with me"She moved towards the attached bathroom. I followed. There I saw a razor and a brush with lather. I smelt some thing strange is going to take place. Then again the husky voice" Saji, look here." I looked towards her. My God, She was holding her dress over her buttocks, showing her pussy, which was surrounded by a bush of pubic hair. I didn't know what to do. I can't believe what I was seeing-a real pussy. From the time when I was studying in the 10th class I was dreaming to see a pussy. And then in that day I saw two pussies in the film and a real one is in front of me, just a meter away. "Saji what you are thinking? Come close" I heard aunty calling and I woke up from my thoughts. "Paste the lather here and remove the hair". Seeing her pussy my dick began to get erection and I was feeling heaven. I went near her. She pulled the nightdress over her head. Now she is wearing a tight petticoat showing the real shape of her. I never thought that she would be that beautiful in reality. She resembled me Shobhana, my favorite actress then. Even though aunty was slim her body was fleshy giving her a very sexy appearance. She lifted the petticoat again and sat over the commode spreading her legs. I slowly began to paste the lather around her pussy with trembling hands."Saji be calm, and don't injure me" aunty said laughing. Those words gave me some relief and I got courage. I slowly removed her hair. Within minutes her pussy was clean and I poured some water over the pussy. " Saji, touch there" I heard aunty saying. I touched. " Squeeze it" I obeyed. "UUUuuhhh" a strange voice came out from her. The same voice I heard from the blonds in the film. Suddenly she took my dhothy off. The front of my underwear was bulged almost to the length of my erect penis. " Ah, what a scene" aunty exclaimed. She asked me to remove the T-shirt. I obeyed. Then she removed my under wear. I was full nude before my aunt. My penis was as erect and hard as an iron rode. " Wow, this is bigger than your uncle's" exclaimed aunty grabbing my cock. "Saji, tell me, did you masturbate after seeing the film?" asked aunty"Yes," I said, "two times""Two! Please show me how did you do it?"My shyness was gone. I began to masturbate before my aunty. Suddenly she sat in her knees and kissed the tip of my penis. I was elated and began to move my hands fast. She grabbed my penis and began to do the act just before I ejaculated. A shiver gone through my penis and abdomen before I cum. And I cum lot of semen in to her hand and semen flashed from my penis towards the wall like rocket. Aunty took some water and washed my penis and said, "For a boy like you it is better to cum before a fuck. Otherwise you will disappoint me." I didn't understand what she was saying. But later I realized what she meant, when I became a fuck master. I never disappointed any of my sex partners. She asked me to go to their bed. Sitting in the bed she removed the petticoat, and I was seeing the unbelievable scene in my life- a lady is laying before me in nude! Her neatly shaved armpits and pussy made me wild. I jumped over her I squeezed her boobs and tried to spread her legs." Saji, what are you doing?" asked aunty. " I am going to fuck you," I said without hesitation. " Not now, get your penis ready again and make me wild" " How?" I asked. " Do what that man in the film did to those women. Squeeze my boobs lick them lick the nipples, navel and pussy"I did what she asked me and for the next 45 minutes, I was over her body licking, biting, squeezing and doing whatever wild things came to my mind. Her body was very hot. For every of my actions she moaned relentlessly. " Saji ente kuttaa (my beloved) bite me….Ohhhh… mOnee (my son)…kadikk(bite me)…Ahh…Ammmee (my mother)…" She was bending upwards and twisting for every of my actions.Finally she spread her legs sideways and asked me, "kett"(penetrate).I looked at her. She resembled a big frog in my dissection desk. A liquid was oozing from her pussy. I touched her pussy with the tip of my penis. I imagined Shobhana was laying before me naked and I am going to fuck Shobhana.I slowly entered her. Wow, her pussy was very wet and was very hot. My penis felt all her feelings through that heat and I was feeling heaven. "muzhuvan kett (penetrate fully)" I heard she telling. My penis entered fully inside her. "valinjatikkadaa" (fuck fast) she cried. I began to fuck her. But, it didn't last long. With three or four strokes, I cum inside her. I withdrew. Aunty said, " Don't worry, your uncle didn't last this much in our first fuck" She continued, " Please use fingers and tongues to sastisfy me."I entered my forefinger inside her and moved it inside out. Between fingering I licked her wet pussy. My own semen oozed out from it and I tasted it. After some minutes, her movements came to a halt. "Aunty, are you satisfied?" I asked"Yes, you are excellent in fingering also" she said.We stayed in the bed for another half an hour embraced each other. My hands and lips were not resting. They were working over her belly and boobs. After some time I felt erection again. I said to aunty, " It is getting harder again"" Shall we try again?" aunty proposed.I rolled over her again and began licking and biting. This time aunt's instructions were not needed. At correct time I spread her legs and penetrated. This time my movements were authentic, fast and hard. Aunt lied down there enjoying every movements and pushes from me. This fuck lasted more than the first one. At the time when I cum, I was exhausted. I just heard aunt saying "You fuck better than your uncle," before I slept.My aunt had the habit of waking up at 5.00 AM in the morning. Before entering the kitchen she bathed every day. Up to that day, I would have been sleeping that time. But on that day the ritual changed.At 4.30 I woke up. Aunt was fast sleep beside me. She was full naked. Not even a cloth was over her. Blood began circulating fast in my veins. My penis began hard…. and…The story will continue…

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